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Feeling lonely and stressed

I am stuck.. I don’t know how long this will last for.. will I ever find my best friend or will I be lonely in this huge univeristy?

I am 17 and want to get married in order to avoid sin

I’m 17 (turning 18 soon) im thinking to marry this girl. I like this girl and i would like to marry her because I’m very religious so to prevent any sins or get tempted to do anything bad with this girl. I want to get married so we can do it the halal way because dating doesn’t exist in Islam.

Having problems making it work with my wife

I am seeking for dua’s to help my relation with my wife. I love her too much and it seems like something or someone is trying to separate us because there is nothing wrong that happened between us.

I cannot have children and my husband wants to divorce

I want to stay on the right path, be kind and have no bitterness in my heart towards him. It is hard to do. Could you tell me how to stay on the right path during this trying time? Are there some prayers I should say? I need to be strong as my mother is sick and needs my help.

I want my father to become Muslim

Aselamualeykum muslim sisters and brothers…

My father is not a muslim but my mother is , I want my father to become a muslim, I don´t talk to him about this but I always pray for him to go in the right path…but still he doesn´t change.