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Can we get donor eggs to save her life?

Doctors are now advising that she should get pregnant as soon as possible to cure this disease. I have tried my level best to make her pregnant but failed. I want to cure and save my wife’s life more than having a child.

Is my husband being ungrateful to Allah?

I just want to know, If my husband is doing the right thing by thinking of marrying someone else, and is this being ungrateful to ALLAH???

Is it haram to egg donor/surrogate mother between wives of a husband?

What happens if my first wife has valid eggs but cannot get pregnant and give birth the baby. Can I ask my other wife to carry our baby?. And if the problem is the inverse and my first wife doesn’t have valid eggs, can I ask for them to my second wife?

Is Egg donation haram or halal in Islam?

I am 33 years old single mom, engaged to a Muslim man and have been asked to be an egg donor. I have read plenty about artificial insemination but what about being a donor? I would be helping a family who cannot have children and am not yet married. However, my fiance is concerned rightfully that it could be haram.

Is egg donation allowed in Islam?

Doctors said my chance to have babies is less than 1%. Egg donation would be for me the best solution as I could still grow my husband’s kids. To me it is almost like – if not better than – adoption as the husband can have his own children…