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I want to move houses

I hate the place I am living in because there’s nothing to do.

Issues with mother in law

She moans a lot all night while being physical… it’s awkward and embarrassing.

My mother in law embarasses me in front of my family

I have talked to my husband regarding his mother’s bad habit but he thinks it’s nothing wrong with it. He’s not realizing what i have to face later…

I hate my life so much

I really hate my family. I blame them for my depression, loneliness and embarrassment. I can’t do anything with my life. I feel like killing myself.

Husband does not change his clothes or wash himself

Please give me advice how to deal with this situation as I don’t know which approach or action to take anymore.

My husband won’t spend time with me or our children

I cant bear to think that my life will be like this forever. Im getting so lonely.

A humiliating marriage

My wife feels ashamed that she didn’t marry a doctor like her so she can live the lifestyle she wants.