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My mother in law embarasses me in front of my family

I have talked to my husband regarding his mother’s bad habit but he thinks it’s nothing wrong with it. He’s not realizing what i have to face later…

Just Converted from Christianity to Islam; How should I handle the Question from Parents and the Society?

My situation is me living in a strict Christian home, my mom is somewhat prejudicial against Islam, but not to the point where she’d act like the Westboro or the rednecks in America. She doesn’t hate Islam, but does think some pretty radical, stereotypical things about Islam. Growing up with this, I didn’t think much about Islam.

Cybersex fear and guilt

I was in a cybersex relationship for almost 2 years with a Muslim in the Middle East. I am not a Muslima but he kept telling me he wanted to marry me. He disappointed me a number of times. He won’t answer his phone and now only contacts me occasionally. He give silly excuses about being too busy.