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Arranged Marriage – Emotional Pressure

My parents are forcing me to get married. I have respected them all my life but I am trying to convince them that I will not be happy.

She Agreed to Marry Someone Else, But I Want Her to Mary Me

Her cousin living in saudia liked her and send proposal through his parents.Unfortunately her parents agreed and put emotional pressure on my girl and she got agreed. And told me if i would have given her a little assurity of being with her .She would have never agreed.

Emotionally pressured into marrying one guy but have feelings for another!

I don’t know where to start. Here goes, I got married a few months back in Pakistan within the family. As you’ve probably figured it was an arranged marriage. At the time of my engagement I had mixed feelings as to whether to go ahead and agree to marry this guy as I had feelings for someone else. I couldn’t tell my family about this person (the one I had feelings for) as I knew they would never accept him due to him not being the same background as me and etc.

How can I get out of marrying this guy?

My name is Fatuma and my wedding is this summer July 2012 and I’m not ready. I do not like the guy I’m supposed to marry.
I said yes to my parents in the first place because they were mad at me for rejecting my cousin and I didn’t wanted to hurt them again even though I was not happy about what I was doing-but now I’m trying to explain my parent that I never liked that gu