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How do I stay away from him?

Now I am isolated, lonely and depressed. I left him because I dont want to hurt anyone. But now the whole thing is hurting me.

Heartbroken after losing her

I really miss her… it’s been 4 months since I cut all the contacts with her. I just can’t even think any other girl in my life.

Arranged vs love marriage – I can’t compete

He told me everything. That sooner or later he will leave me. Go home to his country and get married there. That’s why he is stopping the relationship now. I can’t. I don’t like. I would die.

Suffering after a breakup

I just cant get him out of my mind even though he cheated on me and lied so much. All i do is think about him and why he did that to me. What was wrong with me?

He has gone back to his previous relationship

What do I do? Do I wait for him? If he wasn’t suppose to be in my life then why was I dragged into this?

Converted to Islam and my boyfriend broke up with me

We were planning a marriage and future together…

Am I in Iddat? or Abandonment?

Are there different rules? I am not bitter about it, I just want to move on with my life. Allah (swt) puts tests in our lives to return our attention to him, to make us Jannah worthy.

I don’t love her anymore…

I just don’t have any feelings for her anymore and I don’t love her anymore and she says it’s cruel that I can say this.

Regretting breaking my engagement

Now I am regretting it with thoughts of no one will marry me… putting more problems for my parents having to find a new guy…


He said that he can’t handle the relationship anymore as his family won’t be accepting me in the future. He said that he has to do something for his family and he disappeared on me.