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How to end a relationship properly

I’m in love with an un-believer. I ma resigning from my job so that I can cure my heart disease properly.

He keeps trying to come back

I didn’t want this haram relationship anymore so I broke it off… He has tracked me down on Facebook.

Can’t get married…

My plan was to get a job, then prepare an apartment, then propose to her family which is in a middle eastern country. But then everything changed.

Repentance for having a relationship with a married man

I would become his second wife. But now I’m in a situation where I feel myself responsible for ruining his relations with his wife.

I ended our relationship but he won’t leave me alone!

He asks my friends to tell me to contact him. He comes near my college and wait for me.

Will Allah forgive me for this sin?

When I finally ended the relationship, my friend who is also friends with the guy tells me that he has my pictures and Skype calls saved.

What should I do?

I am little tensed what to do – should I break this relation what will I tell him?

How do I tell him I want to end this contact?

That statement of eventually being together in the future doesn’t seem right at all… that’s why I am suggesting we leave all this and leave it all up to Allah swt – he knows best. How do I tell him?

Need advice regarding my Istikhara

Since performing the istikhara I still feel confident with the choice I have made. I think about her, keep wondering how she is and what she’s doing but never since istikhara has the thought about marrying her come across my mind.

Invalid Nikah – How do I end this relationship?

My husband and his family are not good people. I have come to the decision that I don’t want to continue my relationship with him. I’ve been told my marriage is invalid. What are the means of a separation?