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Abandoned by my love but she still calls me

I know she is serious for him and just playing with my feelings. I loved her for 8 years and she was the first love of my life.

Dua to change his mother’s mind?

I want to know any dua’ to make his mother change her mind and let him marry me.

We had a baby and now he’s marrying a Muslim girl

I don’t know if I should do something or tell them coz I don’t want to hurt anyone. Much more, I don’t want to hurt him as he is trying to live a new and clean life.

Engaged to another woman in his home country – what can I do?

I told him I will come to Iraq in someway. I don’t think he will be able to keep his promise of protecting me if I go there. But the pain is too much and I cannot let him go. I want to be his forever.

Can I pray to marry her if she’s marrying someone else?

A girl and I have been in love for the past two years, and we still are. My parents accepted a marriage to her, but her parents did not accept it. Will Allah accepted these types of duas?