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Istekhara dream explanation required

Does it mean anything? Please help!

Delaying Nikkah Because of His Parents

I am very upset with this situation because I feel that I have to cut all ties with him now until his parents will allow us to marry to avoid committing zina or being in a haram relationship.

Am i being too strict?

I know nobody is perfect… am I being too critical?

End of the relationship but seems no way out

I don’t know how to move on…

Help regarding making a decision to get married

I find that every time we try to move forward, we take a hundred steps back.

Am I cheating to Allah and his creature??

I was a simple Muslim girl… Now my life is ruined like anything.

Love of Allah

I have a few questions and I need your suggestions.

Exposed by ex fiancé

Please make duaa that this man leaves me alone and that God accepts my tawbah and that He places a cover over all my sins.

I need suggestion and help…

After 7 months of engagement, he comes back and says that he just wants to be friends with me…

Breaking off engagement

I feel like he’s not the one but I don’t want to be wrong because overall he’s a good guy in other people eyes “perfect” guy but not for me.