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Recently got engaged

We’ve started communicating… Just in a few months I’ve grown to get annoyed by talking to him. Is it normal?

How to impress and understand my fiancee better

I became more addicted and greedy of talking to her. Is it a normal situation?

Wife’s past and trust issue

I still accepted her because I love her and believe everyone can change. But how do I get over that?

In need of istikhara advice

I need istikhara from you brothers and sisters who have experience in such cases…

Marriage problem

My mother has refused to do marriage with her but girl’s family is still willing to do and they are waiting for my decision.

He is engaged to another woman

His mother only wants him to marry her friend’s daughter and refuses to accept me/anyone else. He does not know what to do but wants to keep his mother happy.

Need urgent help for my engaged life!

I am with him and I tell him I love him but I myself do not know that I mean it or not… I am not sure about him sometimes I feel I love him and the other I completely hate him.

Marriage Istekhara by Mother / Evil Asraat

Since I’m doing many istekharas from some mufti as well but never comes positive for anyone and upon asking he said I got some evil Asraat and no matter what or how many times I’ll do it will come negative until I get free of these asraat.

Can I talk with my fiancé?

Can I speak to him on mobile with the prior permission of our parents?

Is it mandatory for we two to get married now?

One fine day she said that We can’t get married as We don’t match.. She ended it.. So what do I do and what is right thing now..?