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Younger husband cannot maintain an erection

When we have sex my husband says he doesn’t enjoy it with me. This makes me feel so unhappy and I feel like I have done something wrong.

ED and Other Marriage Issues

Life is so messed up…

Mild ED – Should I marry?

***This post relates to male sexual dysfunction.***

Newly married and facing problems

I feel like Allah is punishing me… I am so stressed out that I sometimes think I will break down.

Fear from Marriage

I have side effects of heavy masturbation. I have tension that may be I will not become a father and this tension ruins me every day.

Antidepressant Medicine and Sexual Side Effects

[Editor’s note: This post relates to male personal health matters. Please observe Islamic limits when responding.]

Male sexual issues

Please let me know what to do in light of Islam.
[Editor’s note: Sexual health topics can be of a sensitive nature – can contributors please maintain Islamic protocol when responding.]