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How should his ex act around him?

His ex wife has also put me in a tight spot. She told me things about when she married to him- how his acts with her were. She told me she only married him at that time to get out of the house. She also revealed to me that she never wanted to be a mother at a young age, and she kept telling me he is like his father who I do not know.

Writing to the man who my mum wants me to marry

I do not have any particular feelings for him… I will marry wherever my parents will ask me to. My mum says I should mail him once in a while and in this way keep in touch. Once in a month I mail him, he sometimes replies and is very decent, but now I have started feeling it’s wrong to be sending mails like this.

Is it OK to share a car home with a male?

have been living a normal life as many so called Muslims are doing now. But from some months I have changed a lot. I have started wearing hijab, stopped doing things what I am not supposed to do as a Muslim. But I had a boyfriend, I love him so much