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Will my ex be punished by Allah for breaking my heart?

It makes my heart bleed to think that one can simply play with someone feelings and causally say sorry without thinking about the pain the other goes through.

Wanting to marry him and make it official

I am very confused, he tells me he want to be with me but I don’t know if he still in contact with her.

She changed my life and madhab… Now she’s left and I want her back

How should I tackle my family when they mock me that I have changed my way of praying because of the girl? And what should I do about my girlfriend? I can’t forget her.

By ending their love, he broke her completely; Is that not more sinful?

He left the girl. He breaks that love and relationship. She could not believe he would leave her… Is that right what he has done – is it not more sinful?

Lesbianism…Will Allah forgive me?

I became her girlfriend, like a real wife and we stayed together 24/7. It lasted a few months and then she started ignoring me and broke up with me. I am repenting but want her too.

My husband wants to marry his ex hindu girlfriend who is still married to another man

My husband has been pestering me to allow him to marry his Hindu ex-girlfriend. He has told me that he would never be able to forget her as she has suffered so much for him and wants her back in his life. Moreover their affair was also very physical. He also admits that he loves me dearly and will see to that I would never get upset in life ever again.

Feel so betrayed about his past relationship

I am with a guy that has revealed to me that he has an ex who has had his child. He claims to not want nothing to do with this ex or this child as he was not given a choice as to whether he wanted this baby, and she is not muslim. I am meant to marry this guy and its eating me up inside knowing that somewhere out there is a child that is his.