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Where should the mother of my husband’s children stand in his life?

Although hubby tells me he cant stand his ex, i dont know what he tells her when they’re alone, i don’t see why they feel its acceptable for her to txt my hubby telling him she loves him and wants her family back.

I’m so confused about my husband’s intentions, should I seek Khula?

My husband agreed to paid the mahr/dowry as soon as we would get home at the time of our nikah but he refused to paid when we got home excusing his financial position that our nikah still valid as the condition isn’t fulfilled?

My ex-wife wants to come back to me now after I divorced her.

When I begged them to send her back to me they didn’t but now they are sending her to me when I divorced her and she is not in contract with me. She left me on my own for one and a half year; how can I trust her now? Now she wants us to live together, she harasses me to shif to her mother house with my mother and everything. I live with my mother who is a widow; I don’t know what is wrong with this woman.

Husband has admitted committing zina with ex-wife

My husband married a woman from his native country 7 years ago. He divorced her 6 years ago with 3 talaaq. But never told her of his decision he only said the words in my presence. He also since that time has said he divorces her on many occasions since then a total in excess of 7 times. Every year he has gone back to his native country to visit his son who he had with her before his divorce..

My husband is cheating on me and lying. Please help!

I’ m a Muslim woman. I am in a big trouble dont know what to do. I recently found my husband cheating on me, he was married before our marriage but he didnt tell me and now he is admitting it…

My husband may be sleeping with his ex-wife

Last year I found out he had married another european (non-muslim) woman a year earlier and that she was now pregnant (she emailed me and ‘let the cat out of the bag). In her email she said dreadful things such as my husband was dangerous, he had threatened to kill her, raped her, she feared for her children…

maa jalesy iz killing me

maa hubii has a son from a briviose marrige .i dont knw why i get jalise of hiz ex even though she lives in london n i liv in manchester, even though he sayz i hav nothing 2 do with her i luv u i hav chosn u over her ,but wat do u call wen he askez her for money.

Just found out my husband-to-be has a child

I am engaged to a Muslim man since January 2010. We have know each other for 1.5 years. I am a Christian woman. I just found out he has a 5 month old baby that he never told me about.

Very angry and jealous of my husband talking to his ex

I got married to my first and only love elhamdulilah (that’s what everyone would wish for, to get married to the one they love and adore). I’m very happy in my life even though our fanashal suite is not good, but elhamdulilah Allag can give wealth to anyone he wants and takes it from anyone who doesn’t want to give – I don’t have a problem with that.

I feel that he lies to me, I don’t trust him

My husband has a son by his ex-wife. When he calls her to check on his son I hate it, I feel like my life is ruined. I am so jealous. I wish the ex-wife did not exist.