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I don’t know exactly what I should do!

I pleasured myself during Ramadan… Should I fast the 60 days or not?

About a promise…

She promised by touching Quran…

What makes an oath void?

I do regret breaking my oaths and I do fear the consequences for it in this dunya and in the afterlife.

I am depressed….please give me a solution!!

I touched Quran and promised that I will forget her. At this time, I also promised that I will not marry any girl in my entire life.

My promise to Allah…

I have made a promise to Allah – what will happen if I broke it even in an accident?

I have missed fasts since puberty

I have now been informed of the seriousness of missing these. But that is so many years – can someone please tell me with hard proof what I need to do?

Am I allowed to perform my expiation for breaking a promise during Ramadan? (and how to increase Iman)

The soonest I could fast is when Ramadan starts. Since fasting is already compulsory during Ramadan, would my expiation still be valid?

self-loathing because of the sins I’ve done.

I can’t explain how I feel, I have basically become a non-social, depressive kind of person due to what I have done and keep thinking that I will only go to hell. I have repented in every possible way, and I know the biggest sin I have done is cheating after marriage where I should be stoned to death.

What is the Penalty of Wrong Swear (Qasam)?

What about the penalty of wrong qasam against anyone due to anger. its not preplanned but just because of slipping of tongue. what the penalty of that in Islam.