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Wife’s Extra Marital Affair

Recently I have received evidence that she is having an over the phone affair with her boss.

My Wife Has Left Me Devastated and Heartbroken

I walked in on them back home from work with each of them in an indecent position. I flew into a rage after which my wife left me. I called her up a couple of times, but she has been demanding a divorce and nothing less from me.

I found that my husband is having an affair with another woman

6 months after our marriage, my husband found a Slovenian girl on Myspace and started chatting with her. We had gone for the first time to Pakistan in Feb 2012 to my in-laws. Instead of spending time with me and visiting his relatives, my husband used to sit at home and chat with this girl all day and night.

We were recently married, but I found that my husband likes another girl

One day I woke up and I saw a text saying ” good morning baby wake up” I was like wth… So I decided to do more research and just wait till I got all the dirt on him. I want threw this phone and he’s been seeing her and had sex with her as well a lot.

My husband had an extra marital affair. How do I get rid of him?

4 yrs back my husband had an affair with his cousin. I was pregnant at that time . 2 years after his affair I got to find out that he was sleeping with his cousin. He never confessed to that yet. Now, recently, I found out his sleeping with another married lady. Recently, I said to him to divorce me because, I can’t take it any more. I have kids but he doesn’t want to divorce.

Should I inform my father of haram relationship between my mother and his younger brother?

My uncle and my mother is in illegal relationship which I have also seen both of them from my naked eyes they are doing such illegal things in our home. I am very worried about that; shall I tell my dad or not? Please suggest me. I am very thankful if some could help me.

I was pressured to marry my cousin but he does not love me

I was pressured to marry my cousin. All my objections were ignored. Now I found out he is still in love with another girl, and he says he wants to marry her.