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18 year old in love with married,40 year old Muslim teacher

Salmo alyklom

A friend of mine is in love with our teacher and he has feelings for her too , but there are two major problems: he is married and has 3 kids and he is about 40 years old and we are 18.

My wife is having an affair

I am from India. I have completed 17 years of marriage with 2 kids. I love my wife very much. I am working in Middle East. During my vacation I came to know my wife has had illegal relations with another man, she confessed & promised not to repeat it.

I am married but committed adultery with my Christian ex-boyfriend who wants to accept Islam and marry me

I am a married Muslim women married to a Muslim man for 7 yrs we have 3 children. My marriage has not been very good for about 4 yrs now but continue to stay in it due to my children. Prior to my marriage to my husband i lost my virginity to a christian man at a younger age, he moved and we lost contact. I have since found this man via the Internet and we have been talking for the past year, we have since committed adultery and i feel horrible about the sin i have committed.

My affair left unmarried, divorced and with a child, how do I recover?

When I was 14years old my parents forced me to marry a guy I never loved. It was like a nightmare for me when I remember that day.. making my life so miserable. At the years goes by, after a year of our marriage I learned to accept the fact that I can never run away from these nightmares.