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Facebook has ruined my friendships

All my friends do not like to talk to me a lot because I am not doing what they ask me to do and I am too much forbidding everything they do. Whenever I pretend to be like them they will like me more, but if I don’t they just ignore me. I feel nowadays that some people don’t like to have religious friends, they just like to have friends who will be more fun.

I was naive and fell in love online with a bad guy

I stumbled upon many forums and social network places, where I’d browse or log in to in my spare time. I used a different name and age as I didn’t want to get personal with anyone.

How can I get my FB friend to delete my pictures so I can delete him?

My dilemma is that I really really want to delete him and never want to talk to him again but I feel like aslong as he has my pictures it is haraam on my part although I don’t know what else I could say to him or do. So my question is, would it be best if I just delete him and never talk to him again although my pix ( with covered face) are still in his albums?

I’m 30, in love with a 57 year old woman

She is a practicing Muslimah Masha’ ALLAH ! and I think she could be a perfect wife Insha’ ALLAH coz she loves and cared for me a lot. I personally do not have any issues with her age and issue of not having babies.

Engaged to my cousin but she is ignoring me

I am engaged to my cousin whom I admire since my childhood. I told her and she knows how much I love her. She said she loved someone else but because her father asked her we want you to get engaged with your cousin she accepted the proposal.

I want to marry my online love?

I am 20 years old and passing my days in depression and fear nowadys. I am from bangladesh and last year i met a boy in facebook who is from india. We know each other for almost 1 year and we both love each other. I never wanted to be in relation because i always used to fear of the later consequence, because my dad will never accept my relation and it is haraam. I never used to talk to boys too before.

Can married men continue to chat with girls on MSN?

Assalamu Alaikum,
I would like to know if it is appropritate for a man to always be chatting with women on msn messenger and so on when he is married.

Should I forgive my husband for cheating on Facebook?

I have been married for a very short period of time (less than 6 months). Recently, my husband and I got into a fight over something very trivial. I have had suspicions about his activity on facebook because he would stay up very late every night, while I was sleeping.

I want to marry him, but I destroyed it through jealousy

He was a good guy but I was always extremely suspicious and jealous and demanded that he delete his Facebook account.

In one meeting he made me feel cheap and small

A few weeks ago, I went to see him in a restaurant just to have a chat, that’s all. It started up ok but slowly I found it he was being a bit selfish. At the end, I felt humiliated.