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Arrange Marriage issue

I want to marry her… She also loves me but not ready to marry me… I can’t live without her.

I want to forget her but she is not leaving me

I want to stop texting her coz to talk to a girl is a sin… but I don’t want to hurt her.

He can’t get over my past; Is it ever going to work?

But is it really possible to change his way of thinking? It would be so sad to give up this beautiful love only because of past. We are all human beings, we all do mistakes. I just wish he can forgive me.

Can love come before marriage and can you fall in love with a stranger?

I heard that Allah puts love between the hearts of spouses – I know this happens after marriage, but could it possibly happen before? Because I dont know how else to explain why I’m feeling how I’m feeling – and why it is so strong.

I want to end on good terms with him and move on

I have always tried to be patient and always made dua to Allah for Allah to remove him out of my life and to leave me alone and to move on, but till this day he still talk’s to me. Is there anything I could do? Dua is very strong and powerful, could someone please help me? I can’t take it anymore or stand him anymore, just want this to end on good terms.

Temptations; Is there a halal way for us to be together without me commiting sin?

I pray to Allah that he will arrange and find a way for our destiny to cross I’ve never loved a Girl like this before. everyday it feels like I’m moving further from her, and someone else is moving closer, I wake up 3am sometimes just to make Dua, this is my only hope, Because now I’ve truly understood that the only Halal way to reach her is with ALLAH’s Help.

I want my husband back; please help me

sir i want him back plz help me in this regard, my family knows everything and don’t know abt his parents. i use to cry a lot during namaz for him and ask forgiveness for my sins. i dont want to lose him i am deeply involved in him.

In love with two brothers at once but I want marriage without falling into sin. Really confused!

what if my coworker asks me to marry him, should i marry him knowing that i am in love with another brother. i can imagine my coworker with someone else but with my schoolmate i can’t see him with anyone else. but his feelings i can’t even tell, and so i am one confused sister!

Will he be able to forgive me and give me a second chance?

Do you think he might be able to forgive me? Should I try to call him and explain myself? Also, do you think he ever really loved me, or was it just for a sexual experience? Please help. I know I made a big mistake. I cant change the past but I can repent for my sins and try to be a better person.

In search for peace and guidance

i had doubts because he does not pray regularly, I had doubts because he had many female friends, I had doubts because he always emphasized on western dressing ..he tried getting physical everytime we met..i started istikhara again and this time on the third day I got a disturbing dream but again on the fourth day I got a dream where I was happy.