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I hate my husband, I married him to please my parents

I am married for 2 years I hate my husband ,I use to disobey him ,sometimes I even use 2 pray for him to die.I married him because I don’t want to disobey my parents. There is someone I am so much in love with since I was young I use to think of him day and night .please help me out I don’t know what to do.

Christian American man marrying a Tunisian Muslim woman; is it possible?

I’d like to marry her in the future, and I’m willing to respect her as a man until we get married. She’s dying to be with me, and she knows their are many obstacles because of her family.

I want to marry my cousin but he doesn’t care as his career takes priority over me

I am really desperate to let him know what I want? Maybe he doesn’t even think about me or maybe he HATES me :'( because he never gave me any intention like that!

Catholic as second wife to Muslim?

I was sent abroad by my company for an Exchange Program. Before I left my country, me and my then boyfriend (also a Catholic) were already discussing about getting married. While abroad, I met this guy (also a participant of the Program and from another country, Muslim, married with kids). From the start, I already got attracted to him because he’s undeniably good looking.