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I need advice about this meeting

I decided to do istikhara prior to getting closer to this person and taking things more seriously…

Young maiden unsure of love

Can I trust this man? Is he the one? Or am I just naive?

Marriage, dowry, and on the wedding night…

I would like to know few answers on questions about marriage…

Crushing Dilemma

For the last few weeks I have been falling deeper in love. I can’t talk to my parents…

Chronic illness and desire to get married

Being ill doesn’t make you immune from falling in love…

How do I prove myself to his parents?

We met on Facebook. I’m proud to say I’m now a Muslim thanks to him showing me Islam. I need help knowing how to impress his parents. What would you do if he was your son?

Incapable of feeling love for my fiance

I am incapable of loving anyone in this intimate manner or maybe I expect too much from this ”arranged engagement” and it is not up to my expectations. I am hopeless romantic but I feel no such feelings whatsoever for my fiance.

Long distance relationship becoming more complicated due to caste issues

I’m moving back to London soon and probably wont see him for a very long time. I know everything is in God’s hands. I will be talking to him again soon, any suggestions on what to say.

Forced arranged marriage

My mother told me that I was expecting a call from my father. I knew it had to be important. He called me and told me if I do not get good grades in uni and if I do don’t fix myself I will have to marry my cousin from back home. I am so depressed. I don’t know what to do. I love her and my intentions with her are pure. I just want to die.

I am lost; should I marry him despite he cheated on me in the past?

i think i do want to be with him but the proper way. iA i have started to pray n read the Quran daily iA. i am trying to make it up to my family by studying and being a good muslim iA. im still confused n sometimes i cant concentrate, i fear that i will end up back in square one if i continue talking to him.