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He will get engaged to her but he won’t leave me.

good day, I met this Pakistani guy thru the internet. He is a muslim a lawyer. His parents lives in Germany and he was assigned here in UAE. When we met, he told me he had a muslim girlfriend for 9 years. He thought she was the right girl, but all that changed when the parents of that girl […]

Promised to marry me but lied for 4 years

After 4 years of promises, now he is telling me that his father rejects me coz we are from different nationality. But I am a good Muslim and was very committed to him and never knew anyone except him.. In these 4 years, i had family proposals but i did not accept in a hope of waiting for him.

Finding it hard to recover from broken trust, broken heart

We were working in same office.He proposed to me and I really was not interested to get committed into relationship. So I clearly said him to come to parents and speak about marriage. That not even a day he will be without seeing me. He used to come at 12 o clock near to my home to see me. Well he did all stuffs to show his love.