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My wife doesn´t trust me, please advise

Asalaam alaikum. I seek marriage guidance and advise. I am 27 years of age and have been married for 6 months. I am a practicing muslim and pray 5 days a day and have been to do ummrah. I married a divorcee whom has a 5 year old son from Pakistan. Since my marriage my wife always makes false accusations that i am cheating on her..

Why do guys make fun of a girl who loves them truly?

The guy who sent the proposal and his friends made so much of fun of me because I was in love with his best friend. Those guys went around telling everyone in college that im after him (I just liked him but never spoke to him). I went into depression, everyday and night I used to sit and cry. I wanted to die, I never liked any guy so much the way i liked him but i ended up making a fool out of myself.