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We think my sister has been Jadoo’d

We think that her husband has put Jadoo on her as his family hate my Father. We do not know what to do…

Mum does not want my wife

I do not want to see my mum angry with me for not divorcing my wife and too I do not want Allah anger for divorcing my wife for simple reasons.

Fighting is tearing my husband’s family apart!

They are blaming me for everything and are spreading false accusations about me amongst their relatives. I’m really hurt by this. I always wanted to settle the dispute between them.

My sister and I don’t get along

It’s been going on since we were little, but it’s really hurting my mom… We are both grown adults but she is several years older.

Engaged in childhood, now there are family problems… should I wait for him?

My dad has never talked to me that I am engaged to my cousin and in our culture girl’s willingness is not considered very necessary unfortunately.. But through my mom I came to know this all.

Am I wrong for distancing my wife from my sister in law?

My sister in law was trying to ruin her sisters relationship with me (her husband) and hook her up with a different person. I hate my sister in law and don’t trust her

Had fight with brother, can’t control my rage

Over all, there is much anxiety, panic, and anger in my life. I cannot control any of these at times. I have chronic anxiety and my panic symptoms come up. I get fast heart beat and something feel like I am going to die. I prayed to Allah so much in the past to remove this aliment from my life, but so far I have not seen much change.