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Family issues

My father was very ill. He says because of his wife and kids he has been cursed and he got heart attack.

His cousin said حياتي to my husband..

Is this proper? If romantic phrases are being used then a line has been crossed and I want to address it.

Life on its wits!!!

I am having stage 4 cancer…

I want her to love me and get engaged to me

Please help me I love her very much and day by day I feel that we are drifting apart.

After 6 years in a relationship she won’t marry me

She’s stated that things are really messed for her in her head and surroundings and she needs to figure things out, that she wants to be alone, she wants me to carry on with life, she feels like I come in the way of her decisions and that she can’t risk it anymore because its changing her as a person.

I lost the real me

I really hate myself for pushing people away that love me and then trying to bring in the people who don’t. I can’t handle all these pains in one go: mum’s health, family arguments, my broken heart and loneliness. I cry everyday while I pray during namaz; I can’t concentrate and I soon breakdown.

How can I avoid upsetting family while not engaging in haram?

I have explained to them that I will not be engaging in the traditions such as dancing. They will not accept this and say that they will make me dance on the night. I am afraid that a scene will be created if they do so. I have explained that even to be there amongst the music, dancing and men and women being together is haraam.

I don’t want to leave my Wife or my Mum

I know it is my challenge to deal with this situation. I have tried for three years to convince my wife to intervene and maybe help resolve the situation; but she tells me that Allah has not put it in her heart to intervene. She is no longer interested to deal with her. She believes that my mum is not genuine and doesn’t want to make things right except for her own selfish reasons. She won’t let my kids see them either. I genuinely believe that my mum hates my dad and so she hates me

My husband doesnt like my sister

For this past few days, Ive been bothered because my husband doesnt like my sister.. My sister has an arab husband who promised her to wait for him to change her nationality into a saudi citizen…

Is Allah going to forgive me and will I ever be happy?

My story is very complicated. When I was in high school I was
dating this guy I really liked him and I thought I would get married to him but nothing worked out..