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Can we both get married?

He cried to his mother and explained our situation and she wanted us to get married and so said she would ask her family sheikh for guidance. Is it haram for us to get married? What is the right way to go about this situation?
Has anyone else been through this same thing?

In love, but my family won´t accept it

my dad says that he hates that side of the country and the culture he says that he would never be good for me. I’m 15 and he’s 17 and we wanna marry in the future

I confronted my husband with his family.

I together with my sister in law for over a year have been sitting and talking every once in a while about our husbands family members. She would come and tell me that they said this about you …

My brother sick, has black magic caused this?

My brother who is 29 years old, is too sick from last 2 months. The doctor diagnosed liver cirrhosis, but they are unable to find the cause. We as having too much enemies in our family suspected that some one do a magic on it..

My life is a mess, I wish even to die.

I met this guy last year he promissed to marry me and everything he even come to my house to meet my mam. Everyone told him not to marry me, I don’t know the reason now he wants us to break up….

My brother´s lies about me has caused my family to reject me

My brothers and sisters have played games instead of saying this to my face they have assumed alot of things which are not true. They think i am paranoid because I have had personal probles with my husband. This is not true. My brother has told a lot of lies, they are the reason I have become so paranoid because i don´t trust them.

I read 2 or 3 namaza a day. I feel they all gang up on me,…

My husband doesn´t like my 3 years old son.

I have been married for almost 2 years now but my husband doesn´t get along with my 3 years old son, we have a new born baby he makes differences between them.

Does my wife stay with my parents to look after them or stay with me?

I want to tell I am working abroad. My parents are in my home country. I am married 3 years ago. My wife insist to stay with me abroad also I can afford her to be with me. My question is ….

Married and losing faith as a result

I am married to a very decent Muslim man. When we met, I was not a very observant Muslim – actually, I have since realised that most of my behaviours came from Christianity – showing love to all, being a good person, etc. But I have found my in-laws to be full of hatred towards others – they have not one good word to say about anyone.