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I’m being forced into a marriage – Please help me!

I expressed my feelings and they all told me that I either stick with this guy or I’ll end up being sent to my country in the Middle East to get married.

Under pressure to divorce my First Wife

Now my family has asked me to choose between my first wife and cousin wife/ family. They want me to divorce my first wife though she has done no wrong to me or to them.

My parents are being stubborn for marriage

They don’t understand and want to impose their decision on me. This is my life and I think I have every possible right to choose my life partner.

Disturbed and unable to accept this marriage

But I am in constant touch with the person I wanted to marry. I betrayed him myself and now I cannot go along with my husband. I just don’t love him, I cannot stand him..

I’m pregnant and dont know what to do…

I found out that I am pregnant. He told me “I don’t want you to have this child”. Sometimes I think I should have an abortion…

Working in a Bank and an Organization that takes loans on Interest

As you are also aware with the conditions of our country specially related to employment it’s very much difficult to survive in the society. But now the situation is that with my family efforts I got job in Government Bank and my family asking me to do that job as they need my financially support for them and I have no other source of income.

He married his brother’s wife out of pressure from the family, because she was widowed

I have a serious issue my brother passed away 11 months ago in uk and left a widow who he was married to for 1 year with no children in pakistan. On passing elder members of both familys agreed that they would keep the widow in the family and marry her to 1 of two brothers of the deceased.

I didn’t want to get engaged but was forced to for materialistic reasons.

Now, I am engaged to this man but I keep thinking about other man who I had relationships. I know that my parents knew about both guys and they have chosen the better one for me but if that’s the case then why is it so difficult to move on. What do you all think; please advise me.

My parents rejected good proposals, but making me marry someone I don’t like

I am the only daughter, my other sibling being one elder brother only. I am writing this because I feel really helpless. My parents had always kept an exceptional amount of focus on me, even as a child..

Money problems preventing marriage?

I am a 29 yr old woman in NY and am looking to the future and settling down. My personal situation is somewhat complicated however – I look after an elderly relative and am also in charge of managing my parents’ household – income etc is all my responsibility at the moment. I am their only daughter and so the responsibility falls on me.