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We are 8 sisters 2 are married after father’s death – will the inheritance differ in 2 daughters’ case?

Why can’t the distribution be done after all the expenses of me and my sister’s marriage is done…?

Brother will never accept the person I want to marry

One day my brother caught me talking to him and he went crazy and told me he will never accept him…

Family problem – stolen money

I pray to Allah please let all know who is thief, so that my husband will understand me at least.

Step Mother still does not forgive me

I’m just scared will I go to hell because of this? Will my prayers not be accepted because of this?

Did my father molest my baby sister?

I would love if you could tell me that it is true or false.

My father is addicted to drugs and unemployed

I can’t even seem to forgive him anymore and I am hating him a lot for what he is doing to me, my mother, and siblings.

Problems in marital relationship

My question is am I doing sin if I refuse sexual relationship as otherwise I have to choose option of divorce which is not good for kids’ future.

Property problem

My parents have a property problem… What is solution under sharia law?

My mother wants me to divorce my wife

My mother is asking me to give talaq to my wife for the sake of God. I don’t know what to do.

Personality disorder is affecting my faith, family life and causing other problems.

I do plan on getting counselling i think this will help. I feel like i can’t do anything right and i am a bad Muslim I feel like a hypocrite and after reading the Quran i feel worse. I tried listening to recitations but they are in Arabic i don’t understand, it just seems pointless. I just hate myself i have low self-esteem i am not getting any where in life or moving ahead.