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I was forced into an engagement by blackmailing…

I don’t want this, I never agreed to it even and they simply forced me into it… Now engagement is done and I am in a bad condition and on medication in hospital due to heavy depression and stress.

I am in love with a Christian woman and want to marry her

I have met a young woman, a Christian, that meeting was based on communicating views, opinions and suggestion of life, the world, general topics in todays news. That discussions made us to be closer, understanding each other, and we are in love.

My parents have forced me to give up my baby

I’m an 18 year old girl and basically made the mistake of getting myself pregnant with my boyfriend. I carried out the rest of my pregnancy locked upstairs in my bedroom, so no outside family members would see me pregnant. During this time I did a nikah with my boyfriend as I was told it was big gunah to give birth without being married. On the night I gave birth to my beautiful daughter, my parents took her away and placed her into social care.