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Will I meet my boyfriend in Jannah?

I really love him alot and don’t want to risk my forever without him. So if I die without marrying him, is there a chance I meet him in Jannah?

Fear of going to the grave

I’m afraid from it. I keep thinking about it all the time.

I sometimes lose faith in my religion

I am 15 years old… I question everything including religion. I’m scared I might die only to find out there is no afterlife.

Constant stress and anxiety

I can’t continue to live with so much anxiety and stress, so constantly. I’m tired. I’m getting sad. I’m scared…

I don’t want to die a sinner…

I passed a graveyard. It was the night time and it was terrifying. The thing which came to my mind was these people were once alive, once born and now gone.

Addicted to drugs – I feel like I will die

I have preserved my prayers and I am doing extra salut el istighfar for Allah to forgive me. I have physical symptoms that make me feel that I am going to die and that is it I who ruined my life. I cannot live anymore, I just want to make Allah happy with me. I became weak one day and am frightened to death of Allah.

I feel my death coming, it is frightening

I anticipate my death coming. It truly is a frightening experiance and i get this every day. I been told by the doctor that i have anxiety.