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The idea of marriage frightens me

I am a muslim girl and i have never been in a physical relationship with anybody but whenever i think of marriage it gives me tremendous fear of being committed to one person forever.

Engaged and feeling sick with nerves

Already when he is kind to me, I do not feel like I can reciprocate or return the favour. I hate saying ‘thank you’ because it feels too embarrassing for me. I generally just ignore him. I feel like I am being a cold, arrogant person and he has already commented that he thinks I am distracted because I love someone else, which is not true at all.

Abused when 7 and now suicidal thoughts

salams everyone

I am 21 year old muslim girl.I was sexually abused when I was 7 years old .

No one at my home knows and I can´t even think of telling this to anyone. I at times get jealous of all the girls who are virgins.

This clearly depicts that I am no more a virgin, this has affected my studies so badly. I can´t get over the thoughts..I can´t tell this to anyone because then its me who will be blamed for everything.