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Losing my mind

The thoughts have transpired into sinister thoughts about my mother and father… thoughts I cannot even begin to explain…


I’m so scared that I’m going to face the wrath of Allah.

I want to go to my husband, waiting for my visa! Now I feel like I won’t get my visa ever. I ruined everything myself.

I could be the reason my parents divorce.

omy doesn’t leave me starving. I fear nothing more than Jahannam and Allah’s wrath, but from worldly fears I fear a husband like my dad.

So worried and scared. I need advice.

I am scared of my sins being exposed. Someone found out and I am scared she will expose me. I can’t eat, sleep or work.

I don’t know what is happening to me

I feel depressed and ill.

Abusive father

It has happened 3 times that he has tried to touch my private parts…

My wife wants to kill me

Allah is not listening to me! I feel my wife took insurance on my name to kill me and take money. I don’t know what to do.

Is this punishment?

I broke a vow. Now I am broken. Many times I have thought about suicide…

I need major closure on this topic

I have committed zina. I am so scared that Allah will not forgive me… I dread the day of judgement.

Zina will cause my family’s humiliation if I get married

I had a physical relation in the past. My family wants to marry me off… but my husband will know because of my private parts. I don’t want to cause my family’s humiliation.