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My fears becoming a reality

Sometimes I think Allah is teaching me a lesson with my fears for not trusting him enough.

While I’m Sleeping Some Evil Spirits Enter my body


I am very worried about my condition. It’s been like three times at night. While I’m sleeping, some thing enters in my body. For me it was a dream but it feels like its happening in real. I feel like somebody put kilos of weight on body, I can’t move myself even I tried to read ayatal kursi and some other duas but that spirit or whatever don’t let me do that.

Afraid of losing our son and brother to the Christian way of being

My youngest brother, now 26 years old, has had a difficult time keeping his faith in Western society. He has faced many battles and temptations, and with Allah’s (SWAT) help he has successfully overcame some of his greatest troubles. He has been dating a young lady for five years.

Despairing of my life and future, in fear of losing my deen

I belong to middle class family, I am single and I am studying in university. I have problem regarding social phobia. Means I feel very hesitate and nervous in crowd and people. Because of this since my childhood I never had any relationship although I am straight, 5,5″ height and average looking and normaly build. But because I had issues in past with my family since my fathers death and since then I have been struggling.