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Cross Roads, divorce no.2

I felt ashamed that this is the second marriage and I could not save it no matter how hard I tried.

I sent him pictures – I feel so guilty!

I cannot get this thought out of my head, I wish I was dead sometimes even though I know suicide is a sin.

I’ve committed a terrible act, repentant, but will the guilt ever leave me?

I don’t eat, I don’t sleep and am plagued with constant anxiety attacks. I can’t bear to look my wife in the face knowing what I’ve done.

Was it continuous zina??

What should I do to overcome this and be able to look at myself in the mirror. I feel ashamed and sinful and not worthy of even enough repentance, forgiveness at bay.

I’m not sure if it was zina or not, but I feel so guilty and bad

He kissed me and even touched me forcefully. I asked him to stop. I want to repent to Allah but the problem is whenever I repent I do something bad again.