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False blame for being a terrorist

He has said “I will destroy your life and make false charges for being a terrorist – I will file a case against you.”

My parents won’t let me marry the man I love

His parents are ready for our marriage but my parents don’t agree. They abuse me by saying they will kill me if I marry the one I love. I’m very scared and upset.

my non-muslim friend wants to have an abortion, what can I do?

I have spoken to her and tried to persuade her that what she is doing wrong, and that it is like murdering someone and she should not do what she is planning to do. I feel very guilty for knowing what I know, and not able to do anything more about it.

Insecure and suspicious husband wants divorce

He is considering divorce. I have no idea what to do; maybe it is a punishment for the relationship I had with him prior to marriage. It will devastate my parents as they are really happy.