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I want to divorce, he wants another chance

I have been married for 5years and have been unhappy from the very first day. My husband has not been able to fulfill any of my emotional, physical and financial needs. After trying to make this marriage work for all these years now I have come to a point where I don’t love him anymore and have no feelings what so ever in my heart for him..

I would love him to express his feelings.

As I am a housewife, I wait for him to come from office.When he comes, he just comes for 5 min, then he leaves the room, … Sometimes it seems that there are some magnetic forces that are attracting him to come outside.

Tired of sitting at home between 4 walls, waiting for husband

I just want us to be soulmates you know. If not soulmates, I just want him to do things with me, interact with me. if he can go to various shopping malls or markets with his friends and enjoy himself, why can´t he take me? Can´t he see or understand how I’m feeling or going through being at home every single day waiting for him?