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My marrige is ruining

This was a bad dream for me.

I think I am lost…

I do not know what type of Muslim I am. Sometimes I feel like I am not even a human. In short, I am an animal, an ungrateful animal.

I am stuck in this ..

I’ve been in this relationship for almost 2 years, a long distance relationship. We text, talk daily.

Advice on staying in the marriage or divorcing

My husband always threatens when I mention divorce. He said I won’t get the kids and he will not pay any of my loans if I leave. I am very fearful of him as he has hit me whenever he gets very angry.

Abusive and Unhappy Relationship

I constantly think of when I married my wife. How I wish that I had that time again and I would have chosen differently… For me now there is no way out…

I can´t see the point of being alive anymore.

My mum also constantly puts me down and makes me feel like a piece of crap and it led me to stop eating properly. I was a UK size 8 before and now I don’t even fit properly into a size 6. Being thin is the only thing that gives me satisfaction now.