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Committed zina and I feel ashamed and worthless.

It started from a young age… a guy forced me into it.

Feeling less as a wife

I always fought for equality with my brothers at home but now I feel worthless as a wife. It’s more like a maid.

Should a husband break a wife’s heart beacause of his respect?

He got mad one day, punched my face, slapped me so hard many times. I was crying so bad and dying from a headache.

Screaming In Silence as Guilt Kills me Everyday

I just want to stop all this and run away, I feel everyone looks at me with disgust and they all are aware of my sins, this makes me very paranoid.

Feeling worthless – my mother keeps bringing up the past

Every time I did something wrong, she always brags that problem… I keep wondering whether I am worth to keep being alive or not because I’m just being a burden for my mother’s life now.