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Hiding Infertility Before Marriage

My husband intentionally hid his infertility. If I stay with him will this be a big regret of me?

Depressed because of PCOS

I always prayed to Allah that please don’t give me any such disease that would affect my fertility or my appearance.. but Allah didn’t accept my prayer and I think he hates me.

Duas for Fertility?

My husband and I have been married over 5 years now and haven’t conceived. What duas can I use?

Questions about Sexual Intimacy in Marriage

I have some questions regarding marital intimacy. I can’t find any satisfactory answers.

We’re having problems conceiving a baby

My husband’s semen count is very less. I don’t know what to do.

I dont know what to do about my posessive mother in law

My mother in law is very possessive… even the servants are rude to me. It’s now my fault that we are unable to have kids… it’s Allah’s will so what can I do? I think if artificial insemination fails they’ll divorce me.

Is artificial insemination lawful in Islam?

I am a 33 yrs old male married 3 years ago but not able to make my wife pregnant. I am just not able to reach orgasm. We have had very less sexual activity too, intially due to confidence issues for me and then from my wife. I don´t know why and I lose interest also quickly.

Trying to conceive for 7 months

salam I have been trying to conceive for 7 months and I am making dua to Allah and daily I am checking my basal body temperature in morning and doing OPK test also. What should I do now?