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I constantly fight with my dad.

What can I do to make this all go away? How can I make my dad understand that I need my personal space, and his support?

Having problems with my wife

She says things so hurtful to me… I did everything to change her in bad way like scream at her or even I left the bed. Please I am not the man who is like this at all…

My husband is stubborn

Now I know my hubby can’t afford a house as he is jobless but my dad offered him to ask for months and search a house. He didn’t agree.

Seeking forgiveness after being very abusive to husband

As a result I become abusive to him, fight with him, but last when had a fight I went too far.

How to behave with relatives who hurt and hate and backbite all the time?

I find it peaceful and calm and happy when we have nothing to do with them. Considering the harm they have done, I don’t want to have anything to do with them either but since its blood relative, my father’s sister and her children, please advice on what I should do?

My husband doesn’t talk to me

He said that he can’t live a bachelor life as he comes home after 6 months; he told me that he is becoming desperate over there. We are having crazy fights because I said that he can do rukhsati at least but his response is that; for rukhsati he has to do Shadi (full wedding) and once Shadi (full wedding) is done, he won’t be able to leave me…..

Our marriage in danger, we fight every day

Recently, it was our 5th wedding anniversary and in last 5 years, we may have had conflicts/fights 50 times. We live outside india in Qatar and every year we go on vacation to meet our parents. From our marriage we have masha allah 2 kids, both are son and are beloved to us.

I discovered my husband secret conversations with his cousin

From the moment we married he kept sleeping one night at his cousins house as he had moved in with me and he felt lonely. I felt disrespected as he slept away from me once a week and then when he was in the house he chose to sleep on the floor…

My mother in law is creating problems between us.

I live out of country with my in laws been married for 6 years with no children, last month we came to *** and due to a minor misunderstanding my husband divorced me once …

My husband doesn´t work. Should I leave him?

……..I´ve been married to my husband for 7 years now, I have 2 beatuiful healthy kids humdiallah. It all began when I wanted to get married to him but my parents didn´t want to accept …