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How to distribute inheritance after both parents died?

My father died,leaving our mother, 5 sons and 2 sisters. After 2 months my mother also died.

How do I tell him that it is non-Islamic to send these messages before marriage?

After engagement I start talking to him on facebook. Now he started sending me red roses which is unislamic to send such kind of things before marriage.

Property division in a difficult situation

I have a long property matter and I am in big tension – kindly give me advice.

Am I allowed to take Khula because my husband loves his other wife more?

I returned home with my son and I saw that my husband was getting married again! I screamed and cried but no one was listening. My sister in law and her daughter told me to leave with my son and never come back. But I refused to go and my co-wife who is a revert took some sympathy on me and requested my husband to let me stay.

Is my work haram if my laptop came from a haram source?

My parents bought me the laptop a long time ago and I try to recall and it seems like they bought it with haram money

Am I wrong to reject a proposal based on what the man does for a living?

I am a 28yr old girl, single. In my student life I didn’t get into any relationship with any guy (even though I had people who were interested in me) because I know it is forbidden. Friends all around me got into such forbidden relations & are now married.

How can I win the confidence of her parents?

My problem is that I loved a girl for past 10 years and have been sincerely waiting for her. After a long patience I prayed to ALLAH and finally found that because of my dua that girl also started loving me.

Can I divorce my husband if he won’t support me financially?

If my husband won’t financially support us, even though he has plenty of money, can I divorce him?

Husband can’t divorce because of dowry, how can we get past this?

‘m a Doctor and have been married for a year. My husband married me for the sole reason that I will be an earning hand for him and his family. He never admits this but his behaviour is evident of this statement. By the way, he and his family never told us the real reason.HE wanted me to live with his family, work, earn, while he is away.

Should I go abroad with the children so my husband can save money?

When he came everything was very new to him. He’s been here for going on 4 years, and our luck is not the best. We have two girls together. He’s been working since he came and we can’t save money or even get into a good apartment.