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Wife does not spend her own money.

Even after three years I do not know her salary. Can I ask her where she spends her money? Can I refuse to give her money?

Questions about husband not finanicially supporting son.

I have a salary which is just enough for our expenses. I cannot even go anymore for medical check-ups or have much more to save. I’m afraid of something happened to me or my son here, then who will support us? If something happened to me, will he just happily take my son without the sacrifice?

I want to leave him

Sometimes his words make me attempt suicide. I want to leave him. I think he doesn’t love me now. I hate him.

Only enough money for bread and butter, can I get married?

Is it ok to get married if you if you’re professional not well settled are earning only bread and butter? Or is it better to wait for some good job and time?