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Help please after father death and about land and house left behind

I feel it’s my right it’s not for greed I am doing I want what rightfully belongs to me and what should have belonged to my dad when his father passed away.

Desperate to get married

The person I want to marry is not financially capable of supporting me.

How should I address these issues with my husband?

He says he thinks we should not have gotten married because he believes both men and women should ALWAYS contribute to the household and therefore our beliefs are incompatible.

Tax fraud

My sister and her husband are intentionally doing this. It is hard being with them knowing what they do.

Afraid to keep the baby

I keep asking myself is it worth it to terminate my pregnancy for this job? I’m very afraid.

Brother and sister sharing property

My sister has inherited land and I want to build a house over her land with mutual understanding.

We want to get married but his parents are against us

His parents is against us because they are now facing some financial problems.

We are 8 sisters 2 are married after father’s death – will the inheritance differ in 2 daughters’ case?

Why can’t the distribution be done after all the expenses of me and my sister’s marriage is done…?

Should I leave him forever or should I convince him to marry me?

We have been doing s*x… He says he can’t marry me because he is poor in comparison to me and that he can’t spoil my whole life.

Inheritence of ongoing pension fund

How should this money be distributed?