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Needing advice

He demands to still be a father to our child but has not financially supported our child since he left us.


We are all supporting my brother and his wife!

My brother and his wife don’t pay for any bills, nor do they pay for themselves when we go out. My brother does have his own business, but he says he doesn’t make enough money to help out financially.

Is he required to maintan support for the children after an annullment?

The Fatwa has annulled my marriage to him. A case is against him is in civil court under violence against women. My question to you is, am I entitled for maintenance for my kids upbringing as per the Islamic law?

My husband does not completely support me financially

I have been working from day 1 from my marriage. This has always been an issue from the start. Now are relations are strained. We live in the same house but don’t care about each other. We are there for our son.