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Anyone struggling with a potential marriage?

For anyone in a troubled situation or who may be unsure of a potential marriage, I may be able to share my experience and what I did to find a fit and suitable husband for myself.

How can we find nikah partner(s)?

Why is it so hard to find a muslimah to marry?

Marriage and problems with parents

My mum said that I should wait and finish my studies and just meet him and see how it goes, but they are making me choose between doing the right thing and marrying this guy and my studies…

I want to get married but I have no family to help me

I’m scared that I would be treated with suspicion and without any family support I feel vulnerable in meeting anyone.

I want to get married but I’m scared

After reading posts here I’m totally lost, shattered and very much scared to trust a person. I was thinking that Muslims can never cheat… I have lost hope of getting a person who can guide me in this world so as to reach Jannah…..

Why Allah is not listening to me about this boy?

I don’t want to make any sin and that’s why I want to get married but he says he is my friend. Can I propose to him for marriage, or should I leave him?

Why is getting married and finding true love so hard

Assalam O Alaikum! I am 28 year old single male living in UK. I have a good job and earn enough to support my family.