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It seems impossible to find a good muslim spouse

It just seems to me that it’s impossible to find a good muslim wife because dating is haram, I’m not going through my parents again and their are no real opportunities to meet a good muslim woman that I know of.

26 year old male needs to marry

What should I do? How can I find a girl myself? All the girls that I meet outside are promiscuous and immoral.

Eastern European Muslim women for Marriage?

It is always said that some men got married to Muslim women from Bosnia and other east European countries, but when time came to apply this on myself I found it hard to accomplish.

Marrying an Eastern European Muslim Girl

Someone at my workplace got married to a Muslim girl from Turkey. He showed us the picture and to my amazement she was a good looking girl with long black hair, fair pale skin and a good figure. After he came back from his honeymoon he said that why don’t I get a Muslim woman from a Eastern European country?

Divorced man seeking marriage again

I need help regarding marriage, I was divorced and now my parents want me to marry again. I went to my native country where most of the families had a problem with my divorce and the fact that I have a boy who is 5 now.

Still unmarried at 28 and my parents are not helping

I am a young Muslim man, almost 28 years old and I really feel like I should be married by now or at least looking to get married. I feel mentally very unsettled and remaining single is affecting every aspect of my life. I am quite happy with the idea of an arranged marriage, but frustrated that my parents are not taking it seriously.