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My husband’s brother was my wali. Is my marriage valid?

I am new to islam and i really dont know anything about it when i decided to become muslim a few days later I was getting married I can say i didnt really want to be married that soon because i just wasnt ready for marriage but i did it anyway i guess to make him happy so going on in the marriage I still havent learned anything because its hard for me to learn new things on my own and I still was into my old ways but anyway i just couldnt adjust to the whole marriage thing and till this day i still dont know much about islam..

He divorced me via text message, is it valid?

My husband has cheated on me many times and I caught him many times having physical relations with other women for that reason we were living seperately. One night he came to know that I knew everything he is doing on internet. He called me middle of night and in extreme anger he abused me and said I divorce u immediately.

His first wife wants to reconcile after two years

my husband was married when we married 6 years ago. Two years ago for several reasons his first wife left. She has now decided that she would like to make the marriage work although they have been seperated for two years and she has lived her own life by her own rules and has her own home…

I am confused and depressed, will my baby go to Jannah?

Then we have along relationship to get to know each other then again he proposed to me that time finished my coursed in Al Dawah Center so i decided to marry him.But i dont know if my marriage is halal …

Is it a problem to marry someone from a different Madh’hab?

I’m following Shafi mahdhab. I’ve fallen in love with one guy who is a Hanafi. After he met my family, my family had asked him a lot of questions – especially about religion.