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Gussal for drops of semen?

   Assalam-o-Alaikum! I am 24 years old, and I want to know something. When we masturbate, or whenever Aitlam happens to us while sleeping, then we do ‘GUSSAL’beacause it’s farz. I have the problem that whenever I think of something wrong or see wrong things without masturbation, a few drops (1-2) come out while in the process of thinking […]

I want to marry a woman who is orphaned, and has no wali. Is this permissible?

I am looking to get married, but the woman I wish to propose to has been orphaned, and has no siblings and no grandparents…

Converted to Islam, seperated from husband ten years ago. Can I marry?

I just converted into islam last year,but been separated from christian husband for a decade. Can I marry my muslim boyfriend?

Married without consent of wali, is my marriage valid?

I was married in May 2011 with my husband. We did our nikah in a masjid with 2 male witness and the imam. We did not get the consent of my father or wali..

We had a nikah on the phone and will marry next year. Can we continue our physical relationship?

I am in a relationship. We both love each other a lot. At the start of our relationship, I didn’t want to be in a unlawful relationship so I told her that we should be in nikkah…

Desperate for a divorce, but no way out

Do you have any suggestions on how I could get a divorce in this situation? If not what can you suggest, because I feel like I’m at the end of the road..

Confused about my divorce situation

My question is when does a divorce become effective?

Uncovering of the feet/arm in salah

I never knew that your feet have to be covered in salah.

What do i do about my previous salah’s?

Also sometimes I use to leave a bit of my arm/wrist uncovered :S , I now know this is wrong.

I dream to live a Muslim life

I’m a Filipina and was newly converted into islam 2 yrs. Now here in Dubai and I’m 9 years separated with my husband and now he got his new family in Phillipines. I want to have a muslim family in the future but as far I know from my islamic studies muslim women committed any relationship is haram. Therefore I want to divorced my Ex husband since he have a new family now.

Inheritance from widowed mother

I want to ask you about inheritance in this specific case. A woman married a man and had a daughter, a few years later that man divorced her…