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Abandoned by my love but she still calls me

I know she is serious for him and just playing with my feelings. I loved her for 8 years and she was the first love of my life.

I want to return to God but keep on going back to my non-muslim boyfriend

I was very young and foolish. I’m still a fool. I even wouldn’t understand why a muslim women couldn’t marry a non-muslim man. Now I do, as I wish I could pray behind my husband and teach the islamic ways to our future children.

I’m getting married, so why am I dreaming about my ex?

I’m having dreams of me speaking to her, seeing her what does it all mean? And when I wake up it just brings all the pain back and I just want to contact her. I still love her…

Married and have feelings for my first love

Salam. In high school I was madly in love with a muslim boy . So when I finished high school my parents shipped me to Saudi (my home country).

I love her so much that I let her go.

Salam Alaikum brothers and sisters.

You know ALLAH (swt) knows whats best for us in every aspect of our lives. Sometimes we may not understand and not be able to comprehend certain things, but if we truly have imaan and know that ALLAH (swt) takes care of us we’ll be fine.

There was this girl I knew growing up. We grew up together and became close friends. Now this is obviously a time in which boys and girls didn’t interact as much. The whole coodies phenomenon was rampant lol. We would spend countless hours together talking

We committed sins together, now I must desert him

I am a 23 year old Christian and was brought up in a Religious Christian way but when I came to the UK, I met a Muslim man that never in my consciousness and spiritual belief that I could fall for. He was once a strict Islam follower but when he met me, he is like me who our parents spriritual and moral teachings. I was never allowed to go out for date, or meet a man not until I met him and same with him.