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Can his first wife put us in jail?

Is it possible that she can put us in jail? Does our marriage is not valid? Is the 1st marriage is not annulled even though he is converted 2 years in Islam already before we got married?

I can’t divorce her… how to handle life with second wife

I married a second wife and agreed to let my first wife stay in the house only so she can be with the kids. Is this a sin for me?

Under pressure to divorce my First Wife

Now my family has asked me to choose between my first wife and cousin wife/ family. They want me to divorce my first wife though she has done no wrong to me or to them.

Husband has not told his future second wife we are married.

I don’t know what will happen… will he divorce me when she arrives? His family only agreed because of my suggestion, but the situation has changed.

Am I still married to my husband?

My husband divorced me legally so that he could register his Pakistani wife. My husband left me and my son in order to live with his second wife. We lost contact with one another for 4yrs & 3months. We are now in contact with one another for the past 3yrs.

I’m seeking a second wife for my husband

I am married to a wonderful muslim man. Like he is the best thing that ever happened to me, honest. He’s the best man I’ve ever met. Well anyways, I’ve been talking to him about a second wife. And he always just said he wanted me, but honestly he needs a second wife. I don’t wanna state why.

I want to marry a married man but I have doubts

I am a Muslim sister who is about to get married, but the problem is that my husband to be has already a first wife and I don’t want to give him up as I love him so much. Now I have a doubt if this could affect my marriage to him inshallah.

Want to Marry Him but His Wife Says No

I have been dating this Muslim man for about 5 years now…Even though I am converted Muslim myself. I know that we are not supposed to be dating for it is not permissible in Islam. I converted a few years after we have been dating. The problem is that he is already married with 5 children and lives with his wife.

Can I make Dua to be his first wife?

They approved us to get married.We are living in different countries. We had misunderstanding with him and he got another girl and already paid her bride price, …

We got married, and then I found out he is already married after a week

My issue is about polygamy. I am married to a muslim man and I converted on the same day. In my situation, I didn’t know at all before we got married that my husband had a wife and on the process of divorce already. After a week of getting married I just then learned about the 1st wife which surprised me a lot and got me confused with the situation.